This page explains how to use Revolutioner. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Be Relaxed

It’s important that you are completely relaxed when listening to a session. Close your eyes and sit upright.

Breath slowing by inhaling as deep as you can and exhale slowly.

You don't need to focus on the tone. It's perfectly fine if your thoughts wonder.

One Session A Day

We recommend that you listen to one session once a day.

2 Minutes is a "full dose" - meaning, you don't even have to listen to the entire 2 minute session for it to work.

If you feel overstimulated (almost like you've had too many coffees), take a break from the sessions for a day or two. You can also choose to reduce the duration of a session to as short as 20 seconds.

12-Minute Session Available

There is a 2-Minute Session and a 12-Minute Session. The 2-Minute Session is for those who prefer a short but powerful session.

The 12-Minute Session is for those who prefer a meditation-like session. The stimulus is not as strong but because of the longer duration, it is just as effective.

It is your choice which you prefer. Both work really well.

The 12-Minute Sessions include music but the 2-Min Sessions only have the stimulus tone.

Must Use Headphones

Headphones/earphones are required for the sessions. This will ensure that any outside noise is cancelled out and that you only hear the stimulus tone.

"Cooling-Off" Period

The sessions stimulate Alpha brainwaves that not only promote healing but also improve brain performance. Stimulating Alpha waves can cause you to temporarily feel slightly irritated. This is normal.

A good solution for this is to include a “Cooling-Off” period. When your 2-minute session stops, keep your eyes closed for an additional 20 seconds and continue to breath slowly. This will prevent you from feeling a bit “edgy” or irritated.

When To Do Your Session

We recommend that you listen to a session in the morning as it will set you up nicely for the rest of the day.

But that's up to you. You can still choose to listen to a session at night. Some people may find it difficult to fall asleep when they do a session too close to bedtime.

Important to Note

Before using the program, we recommend that you first speak to a medical professional if you have a history of seizures, are epileptic or wear a pacemaker. There are no known cases where audio had any negative effect, but we still recommend this as we haven't tested the program specifically in these cases.

Do not use the program if you are pregnant or below 13 years of age.

By using the program you accept the Disclaimer.

Remember Why You’re Doing It

Taking care of your brain and body is extremely important.

At first it may take effort to listen to your daily session. As you move through the sessions you will start to enjoy it. You will even begin to look forward to your next session especially once you've realized how good you are feeling and improving.

Access Your Sessions

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