The Proven Benefits of Revolutioner

The following benefits of brainwave entrainment have been proven by studies. Please note that these are not the only benefits, only those that have been proven by studies.

Super-Learning and Academic Performance

Getting your brain to perform at its best in difficult situations is sometimes a challenge. When you’re in a problem situation, it often happens that your mind gets stuck and performs poorly. Your brain should get into the “Zone” and perform at its best but instead it leaves you frustrated. There are many who find it difficult to use their cognitive abilities when they need them the most.

It is exciting and liberating to know that science has amazingly developed, and that we now know the brain can change. We can now improve our abilities dramatically.

Brain stimulation through a system such as Revolutioner is the perfect solution to teach our minds to get into the ideal states for problem solving and improve our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that if we change the brainwave patterns of those associated with learning disabilities we can improve cognitive performance.

Many case studies show that brainwave entrainment improved cognitive skills, brain processing speed, and increased focus and attention in helping college students improve their GPA scores.

Revolutioner takes all the research and provides a carefully worked out program that gives you the opportunity to receive the same and even better results.

Study on Cognitive Improvement by Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D.

This study was conducted by Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D. In the study 30 students were given brainwave stimulation twice a week for 6 weeks. It was proven that the 30 students had a significant increase in their cognitive abilities shown through a number of different tests. Before the 6 week program the average score of the students was 12.9. After the program the average score was 18.8.

Study on Improved Focus and Concentration by Dr. Graham J. Patrick

Participants were given a total of 15 sessions each. The study proved a significant improvement in attention. Based on the test, WISC-3 Freedom from Distractibility, scores improved by 81%.

There was a definitive conclusion that the participants benefited from the 15 neurotherapy sessions. It was also noted that none of the 10 control group participants showed any improvement.

Study on Brainwave Stimulation vs. Ritalin

There was also a great study which compared the results of brainwave stimulation versus the use of Ritalin. One group received brainwave stimulation for 4 weeks while the other was on Ritalin medication for a 4 week period.

The IQ tests confirmed that those who received the brainwave stimulation outperformed those on Ritalin in all 5 of the IQ tests.

Study on Academic Achievement

The study was conducted on 16 university students who all signed up for academic counseling. They were then divided into 2 groups of 8 each. The 1st group received 30 sessions of brainwave stimulation while the 2nd group received none.

The GPA scores of the students were taken the following semester. The group who received no stimulation had a decrease in their GPA scores of .22 points. The group who received brainwave stimulation had a significant increase of over half a grade.

Revolutioner will deliver the same and even greater results than those in the above tests.

Sports and Athletic Performance

Every athlete knows that sports are not only a battle on the sports field or track but also a constant battle in the mind. When an athlete experiences stress and anxiety, the muscles can become tense and more energy is needed to perform. The mind can also not respond quickly enough in challenging situations.

There are a growing number of athletes who use brain wave stimulation to bring their mind up to peak performance. These athletes have reported massive improvements in their mental attitude and their ability to respond quickly in changing circumstances.

By using EEG monitoring we are able to see the difference in brainwave activity of someone who is an average performer compared to someone who is performing at their very best. By using Revolutioner your brainwave activity will become similar to those who perform at the highest levels.

Many coaches have recognized these techniques and have implemented them as part of their training programs. Revolutioner enables the athlete to get into the “Zone” and be on top of their game.


Drug and alcohol addictions are a huge problem all over the world. Revolutioner can greatly assist in providing a neurological foundation for an addiction-free life.

Extensive research has discovered that people with addictions tend to become dependent on substances such as alcohol and drugs in order to produce certain brainwave activity. The addict is not aware of the brainwave activity but the lack thereof produces a need for the substance.

It is also known that those who do not have these “sets” of brainwaves are more likely to become addicts. Revolutioner stimulates key brainwave frequencies and by doing so it develops those brainwaves so that the person does not lack any that otherwise needs to be substituted with substances.

Listening to a Revolutioner audio soundtrack will not only remove the cravings but it will also create a foundation towards an addiction-free life.

Studies have shown that those who have addictive personalities have a lack of brainwaves in the alpha range (8Hz – 12Hz). This means that they constantly have a battle of not being able to relax and have a constant feeling of anxiety until they fulfil their need with the external substance such as alcohol or drugs.

Research done in the 1980’s showed an amazing success rate of 70% even after a 3 year follow-up. Henry Adams, Ph.D., of NIMH and head of the alcoholism programs at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, gave alcoholics a single session of stimulation combined with a brief anti-alcoholic suggestion. The test resulted in a 55% decrease in alcohol consumption.

According to Peninston & Kulkosky, 1990, 80% of addicts who received brainwave stimulation in the alpha/theta range (3Hz to 12Hz) became non-addicts.

Revolutioner can do the same for you.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Anxiety and stress is a huge problem in today’s society. Work pressure has increased and people have little physical activity to release themselves from this stress. It causes the brain to be too active and the mind and body never really get a chance to completely rest.

With an EEG machine researchers can monitor the brainwaves of someone who is relaxed compared to someone who is stressed. With brain stimulation, those frequencies that make a person calm can be stimulated. Revolutioner does this very well.

In 2000 there was a study conducted at a Dutch addiction center. The experiment was done on people who had an addiction caused by high workloads. The subjects completed an anxiety test before and after each session of brainwave stimulation. The test is called the Spielberger's State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) test. It is widely used to determine stress and anxiety levels.

The group that underwent the sessions showed a great decrease in stress and anxiety.

Revolutioner will also decrease/eliminate your stress and anxiety.


The Revolutioner program brings a solution to enhance your mood and increase emotional stability.

Research has shown that negative states and depression can be linked to an imbalance in the 2 hemispheres of the brain. (Davidson, 1990). Studies have been conducted and confirmed that brainwave stimulation can be a solution to this problem.

Kathy Berg and David Siever conducted a study on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Results showed that 84% of the subjects became non-depressed after their treatment. 100% of them had a huge reduction in their depression. It also showed the subjects had a decrease in anxiety, their energy and motivation levels dramatically increased and eating disorders went down significantly. It is known that 12 of the subjects lost an average of 9.5 pounds as a result of the treatments.

Another study was conducted by David Cantor, Ph.D., in 2009. 16 participants received brainwave entrainment over a period of 4 weeks. The Beck Depression Inventory–II showed a large reduction of depression in the participants.

Give the Revolutioner program a try for 30 days and let us prove to you that it works.

Increase in Energy and Motivation

Many users of the Revolutioner program have informed us that they are experiencing big increases in their energy levels. It is also common that getting up in the morning is so much easier than before and starting the day is much more enjoyable.

Brainwave stimulation does not only help with relaxation but it creates the right patterns in the brain to improve energy levels and motivation.

Dr. David Trudeau performed a study in 1998 to treat patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The test stimulated the 18Hz frequency. The results reported very beneficial results such as reduced depression and impulsivity. The subjects also reported increase in energy levels and better sleep.

In 1986 a study was conducted by Dr. Cary Howard to find a way to reduce exhaustion and stress in students of a dental course. There were 12 students who each went through a beta stimulation session of 30 minutes each over a period of 7 weeks. The POMs (Profile of Mood States) test showed that fatigue levels were significantly reduced.

The Revolutioner program also has a great positive effect on the energy levels of the user.

Sleep Aid

A large percentage of society has trouble with sleep. Studies have shown that the brain’s ability to fall asleep lies in the range of 12 to 15Hz (SMR: sensory motor rhythm). The problem people have is that they do not have enough brainwave activity in the SMR region.

A study was conducted by Dr. Hauri who performed SMR training on 16 participants. The results showed that those who had trouble sleeping had greatly improved their ability to fall asleep.

The Revolutioner program stimulates similar brainwave frequencies and will also improve your ability to fall asleep and have a great night’s rest.

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